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Puppy Course- 8 weeks

This course is designed especially for puppies and young dogs who need to learn the basics, including loose leash walking and potty training! Get the basics of how to socialize and communicate with your new puppy, get them excited to learn, and set them up for success!

Beginner Course- 8 weeks

Get the basics of training your dog! In this eight week course, you will teach your dog all the basic commands as well as loose leash walking and off leash obedience. Solve common problems like reactivity and separation anxiety.

Advanced, Canine Good Citizen Course- 8 to 12 weeks

Already have the basics down but looking to really refine your dogs skills, teach special tricks, or solve a behavioral issue? This course is designed to take the basics even further and teach some cool tricks and games to build your dog‘s obedience and relationship with you! 

Service and Therapy Work- 4 months + Advanced Course

This specialized training is designed for those with a physical or psychiatric disability who could benefit from the tasks that a service dog can provide. This includes assistance with the side effects of PTSD, Anxiety, Autism, limited mobility, diabetes, and so on. Please contact us for more information on the tasks we can train for. Special pricing is available handlers 17 years old or younger, as well as those with a DR recommendation for a service animal.

This course not only teaches your dog how to perform specific tasks to help his handler, but to also meet the requirements of 120 hours of training and Public Access Test. Full registration and vesting will be provided upon completion of this course, and follow up lessons will be held once a month for six months after completion.

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